8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive

8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive

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During this blog, we’ll show you “8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive”. Today we’ll provide you some ideas on the way to use those 8 Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive.

While there are many reasons why homeowners decide to take on home improvement projects, it mostly boils down to adding value to a home. From fresh paint jobs, landscaping, and total room renovation, the goal is to make a home look nicer or more expensive. So, today we will share with you 8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive.

For some homeowners, spending an extravagant amount of money on home projects just isn’t a reality. Instead of depleting your savings account or running up your credit card to renovate your home, consider smaller-scale changes that can transform your space.

So, let’s get started with some tricks:

1. Illuminate With Lighting

Let there be light! An easy and cost-friendly trick to form an area in your home look costlier is by incorporating lighting pieces that are interesting and expressive.

According to Glamour, there’s no one-way to realize an expensive glow in your home, but rather to consider lighting as “the jewelry of the space,” accessorizing your space as you would an outfit.

Illuminate With Lighting

Lean toward pieces with an interesting shape, finish or design detail, focusing on attention-grabbing lighting that will make a statement in a room. Arrange the lighting in various heights and bulb sizes to create a dramatic effect that eliminates unflattering shadows.

Teris Pantazes, co-founder of EFynch.com, suggested LED lightbulbs, as they are cost and energy-efficient as well as long-lasting, eliminating the effort of replacing your bulbs frequently.


2. Minimize Furniture

When it comes to making your home look more expensive, follow the minimalist approach of “less is more” when decorating your home with furniture and accessories.

“When a house has too much furniture and too many accessories, the space can easily feel small and overwhelming,” said Stephanie Jacobs, home stager and re-designer in Atlanta.

Minimize Furniture

Instead of filling your space with unnecessary furniture pieces, Jacobs says to stay your furniture minimal with items you merely |that you just”> that you simply need versus those you simply want during a room.

“The best way to begin the process of de-cluttering is to go through each room and asking yourself what purpose each object and piece of furniture serves. If you have extra chairs for seating that no one ever uses, maybe it’s time to get rid of them,” Jacobs explained.

3. Maximize With Mirrors

Mirrors and lighting go hand-in-hand, as a few strategically placed mirrors, paired with the perfect lighting, can create the illusion that your space is far larger than it is. Simply hang your mirror across a lighting source, sort of a window or lamplight, to make this illusion.

“Hanging a larger-than-life mirror not only increases its functionality, but it also widens the space and makes it feel larger by reflecting the room at you,” explained Doyle James, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive


Maximize this trick by hanging an assortment of mirrors in various sizes and shapes, creating an eclectic and artistic design on your walls.

If simplicity is your aesthetic, a singular, large statement mirror can create a refined and stylish finish on the wall.

4. Fresh Paint Job

While painting the walls of your home may be one of the more expensive and time-consuming tasks, there are a few things you can paint in your home that will give new life to your existing furniture and appliances.

Start by revisiting the older pieces in your home. Do you find you’re stuck with cabinet colors that contradict your kitchen’s color scheme? Grab a fresh can of paint and try painting them a neutral shade, like grey.

8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive

Apply an equivalent concept to the other outdated pieces in your home. For example, Amy Bly, a professional stager from Great Impression Home Staging and Interiors, recommended painting older wood or unattractive furniture with easy-to-use chalk paint, in shades of gray or white.

5. Cut A Rug

If you’ve got wood flooring, or any flooring aside from carpet in your home, adding a rug can make any area feel cozy and alluring. It can also be the finishing touch in your living room or bedroom, adding that final décor detail to pull the room together.

However, make sure your rug is proportional to the space you’re placing it, because using too small of rugs will make your space look less expensive, and smaller than it is.

Cut A Rug

When you’re placing furniture on top of the rug, make sure that the rug extends a particular amount of space with each sort of furniture. For example, dining room chairs should have three feet behind each chair and furniture should have a minimum of the 2 front legs sitting on the rug.


6. Accessorize

However, you don’t need to completely clean out your space to realize an upscale aesthetic in your home. By incorporating a few key pieces in a room, you can add to the overall comfort and flow of your home’s design.

For example, hanging curtains near the ceiling will create an expensive and upscale look in your home, as long curtains will give an illusion that your room is larger.

By placing a couple of plump throw pillows in your seating, you simultaneously create a cushty and classy tone in your home. Try choosing a couple of fashionable pillows with fun, but minimal designs.

You don’t need to compromise your budget to fill your home with nice décor. Try shopping for affordable home décor shops online or the future to realize the design you’re going for.


7. Upgrade Hardware

You don’t have to drop thousands of dollars on a total kitchen renovation project. By simply switching up the hardware finishes in your kitchen (drawer pulls and knobs) you add elegant details that are sure to stand out in your kitchen.

“This is one among my go-to updates with staging and redesign: Giving a kitchen, bathroom, or outdated piece of furniture a completely New Look,” said Jacobs. “It’s something the homeowners can do with minimal costs and elbow grease.”

8 Amazing Tips which will make your Home Look Expensive

Jacobs suggested to seem for stylish and cheap pieces, found at the most bulk hardware stores. You can also stop by your local ironmongery shop, marketplace or antique buy expensive-looking knobs and pulls that are elegant and unique while still affordable.

8. Use Fresh Flowers And Greenery

Stop and smell the roses by incorporating fresh flowers and greenery into your home.

Flowers are a simple and cheap thanks to add a pop of color and texture into various rooms in your home. By adding an ornamental vase, crammed with store-bought or local garden flowers, you add A level of hospitality and luxury to your space.

Use Fresh Flowers And Greenery

Since the cost of buying fresh flower arrangements can add up, try your hand at arranging your bouquet from grocery store flowers. Not only is it easy and inexpensive, you’ll be able to show off your amateur arrangement skills to your friends and family.

If you’re looking for more neutral colors in your home, try buying greenery, which not only allows more decorative opportunity, it’s also pretty easy to care for – even if you don’t have a green thumb!

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