Interior Design Ideas in Lockdown

Interior Design Ideas in Lockdown

Hello Everybody! Today Inland Designers will tell you that how you can do your Interior Design Ideas in lockdown period for your home. Also we’ll share with you Top 5 amazing “Interior Design Ideas in Lockdown”. 

Meanwhile Corona Virus (COVID-19) has brought a long period of lockdown in many countries. It’s been almost 2 months that we are locked in our old boring home. So today we’ll share with you some ideas of how you can do a makeover of your home without buying any new products. Use this time to style your home by rearranging furniture or by adding new elements, you can make your home look like a brand new home.

Change the layout :

Firstly pick one of our room, let it be a living room or bedroom. Look at the furniture of your Living room is there any movable bookshelf or chair or T.V unit or sofa. Try to give a better angle to them, try to move it in different corners, change the layout. Try to change the way it is kept. Look it’s not a rule to change the layout but you can try it for a different look. This will make you feel something different than usual days. It will enhance the look of your home in a better way. Here are some images which will give you an idea for redecorating your home.

Interior design and living room layouts
In this picture the sofa is placed in front of a window for light and air and the lamps and tables are arranged in a space-saving layout.

 Decorate the Balcony :

During this lockdown period, home gardens and balconies are the place where you can sit in peace and enjoy the view. If you have one, use this time to decorate your balconies and home gardens in a better way. For example, shift your sofa in your balconies which will give you a place to sit and enjoy the view. You can also keep your flower pots in the balconies but don’t only keep them on the ground, it will look boring.

Here’s a bonus tip:  find a table in your house which is not in daily use, keep your flower pots on the table, it will look beautiful and will save your space. To make the flower pots look attractive, take the pot and color it with your poster color, try to give a color that will match the surrounding or color it with the same color of the flowers. You can also draw some little flowers or unique lines on the flower pot. The below images will show you how can you do it.


Sofa in a balcony
This is how you can keep your sofas and chairs in a balcony
how to decorate Flower pots
This is how you can keep flower pots in your balcony and decorate them.

Play with your Wall :

Play with your wall? you might be thinking what does that mean. We mean to say that you can draw some paintings or drawings on your wall which will make the boring plain wall look very artistic. Draw some flowers, stars, moon, geometrical shapes, lines, warli paintings, some meaningful drawings, etc. Similarly you can also draw a frame that will look like a frame but it will be a drawing. You can also hang LED lights on the plain walls which will make the wall look attractive and will be a center of attraction.

Wall design
The background of the image is so simple yet attractive, only different sizes of triangles are drawn.

Reuse/DIY Ideas :

DIY (do-it-yourself) is an amazing way to reuse the waste materials in your house and make something productive out of it. Find some wine bottles or old plastic bottles, some old boxes which are of no use like mobile phone boxes, amazon delivery boxes, etc. You can spray-paint the bottles or apply glass paint on the bottle and decorate them to keep in a showcase. This will help in making your house look artistic and beautiful and very attractive. Likewise you can use boxes to make shelves like key shelf, and other daily accessories.

Similarly you can also make some lanterns or chandeliers out of waste things this will make your house look unique and you can have an eye-catching home. To know more about how you can decorate your home using waste things you can Google or Youtube ( DIY ideas for home decor).

DIY ideas of bottles
These bottles are surrounded by ropes and the ropes are colored to make it more good looking.
DIY lantern ideas
this lantern is made up of rope and a bulb is being fitted in it.

Disclaimer: The above photos are from Google. These photos are posted to give you an idea that how you can decorate your home in a quarantine period.  


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