Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes & the way to solve them

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes & the way to solve them

Hello guys! How are you? Today I’ll share with you “Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes & the way to solve them”


Recently I was dealing with a lot of problems like no sleep and little head pain. I came to know that it’s all because of the artificial lighting in my bedroom. Then, I realized that I had to share this with all of you because maybe you are living the same situation about insomnia like me but you just want to improve your better design.

Did you know lighting can improve your life quality? Multiple scientific studies explain the bad use of artificial lighting in your bedrooms for causing various problems such as stress insomnia and obesity and of course with a good design we can avoid it.

I will show you the biggest and most common mistakes that people usually do when it comes to writing the bedroom and how to solve them immediately.

1. Wrong color temperature

The number one and most serious mistake of all is to choose any level without caring about the color temperature of that lighting source. The color temperature of a bulb can be one neutral or cool.

The one color temperature is commonly known as yellow light one lighting feels natural to us in the evenings and promotes relaxation. As part of our natural human Circadian rhythm, one light seems to relax us and help us wind down for the day and get ready for asleep. This is because we come from nature and we have a strong relationship with the sunlight.

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes

So recreating the natural lighting of the sunset it’s very useful to induce asleep because the sunset informs our circadian rhythm that it’s time to relax now. The day is of the sunset light atmosphere is warm and soft so that is the correct color temperature to be used in our veterans to induce sleep. On the other hand, the cool lighting helps us be alert and energetic for performing tasks.


~ WARM LIGHT: promotes relaxation.

~ COOL LIGHT: Is used in spaces and during times when its appropriate to promote alertness and attention.


2. You don’t have layered lighting

You only have one light source the Sun changed constantly in the day and our circadian rhythm shall be aligned with the characteristics of the Sun for our health and to maintain our inner clock aligned with nature. So they artificial lighting inner in tears she’ll have the same movement and condition throughout the day like this one. It’s impossible to achieve that with only a static bulb.

Static like covers the simple Lighting’s like in rooms where you spend brief periods of time but in your bedroom, we spend a lot of time in different moments of the day. So we need to have different lighting options that can change during day and night just like the natural lighting outside so you shall have different layers applying.


  • An ambient light in one temperature to have an intimate friendly and personal atmosphere perfect to be used before sleep.

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes

  • A second onion lighting with a brighter and neutral temperature to be used in the day at the time that your kids are playing doing their homework or organizing your pretzel.


  • You will need a task life the practical light it means that when you are performing specific activities you can see what you are doing. Task lighting is a more focused type of lighting that creates a comfortable ambiance at the time of making activities such as reading or writing so you can add to have a one atmosphere using your table lens and a brighter lighting Mountain on your ceiling.


Check the smart bulb I use in many systems you can preset scenes that can be activated at the push of a button or to change by itself depending on the hour of the day.


3. You simply have ceiling-mounted lamps

I said the sunset informs your biological time that it’s time to relax because the day is over. If you observe where the Sun is found at the sunset you’ll see that the Sun is powered by the extent of our visual angle.

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes
Use these types of lamps in your bedroom when its evening.

You shouldn’t reproduce only the color temperature of the sunset. You would like to repeat where the sunset is found regarding our visual angle also to recreate it is vital to possess table lamps to wall lamps or a dangling lamp within the level of our visual.


The 4th little mistake generally everyone does in “Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes” is :


4. Lamps without screen

Another mistake that I see a lot is the use of lamps without a screen. Never never never use a lamp without a screen in your bedroom. One of the basic rules that you have to keep in mind regarding your bedroom lighting is to choose sub lighting for your table ceiling floor or wall.

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes

So it should have a screen to soften up the lighting shadows and contrast creating a perfect or relaxing atmosphere.


And the last mistake which is made by every one of us in this “Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes” is :


5. Using tech devices moments before falling asleep

Our cell phones tablets computers and other electronic gadgets have become such a huge part of our daily lives. It’s often hard to put them down even at that time the blue light emitted by electronic devices restrained the production of melanin the hormone that controls your asleep wake cycle or circadian rhythm. Producing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. My recommendation is to avoid the use of electronic devices moments before falling asleep.

Top 5 bedroom lighting mistakes
If you have a smartphone iPad or laptop you can probably change the color temperature of the screen as soon the day is over to prepare and to connect with your natural life. A good design goes beyond the aesthetic aspects and how we perceive it through our senses can improve our life quality and lighting is key at the time of perceiving the space.


So in conclusion to fix the mistakes we shall have:

  • Warm temperature color

( To induce relaxation and sleep )

  • Layered Lighting/ Smart Lighting

( We could have different lighting layers or intelligent lasers to have different lighting depending on the activities )

  • Lamps Placed on our Visual Angle

( We should have lamps placed on our visual angle )

  • Lamps with Screen

( Our lamps should have a screen to soften up the light )

  • Avoid using Electronic Devices Moments Before Fall Asleep

( We should avoid the use of electronic devices before falling asleep of perceiving the space )


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